There is Hope

Raising Awareness of Problem Gambling

If you are a person struggling with problem gambling you know all too well the emotions associated with the addiction - depression,  sadness, anger, desperation, and most of all fear.  Fear if you keep gambling you might die, but fear if you stop gambling there will be no reason to live.  Problem gambling has taken over all areas of your life -broken or lost relationships with family, friends, and loved ones;  it has affected your job; perhaps you have crossed the line into illegal activities to finance your gambling, and it has changed your financial security. 

If you are recovering from a gambling addiction, you know what it takes to stop, and stayed stopped.  The Gamblers Anonymous literature speaks of “prison, insanity, or death” if we continue to gamble.  Compulsive gamblers need to  know there are people like themselves that have been in the grips of addiction, and have stopped.  Unlike drugs and alcohol, many people don’t realize gambling is an addiction – they believe it is irresponsible behavior and can be controlled.

By being a voice and raising awareness about problem gambling, you can help others struggling with problem gambling identify the addiction and find the help and inspiration they need to seek treatment and recovery.

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